Militzis, Larnaka, Cyprus by Jamie Kountourou

We started off our food trip in Cyprus with a visit to out favourite restaurant, Militizis (which has never been known to disappoint,) but has it lived up to it’s standards this time? Militzis serves a wide range of Greek Cypriot food, which would match any Indian or Chinese food easily.

This is what we ordered:

Cyprus salad,
Grilled Haloumi,
Lamb gleftigo( slow cooked),
Pork Souvla,
Liver and Lungs,
Cyprus Yoghurt,
Cyprus Bread.

The salad. Easily freshly prepared, with the creamy feta cheese.

The grilled Haloumi was a tad overdone, but that’s just me being too picky. It was salty, and a great starter.

The pilafi was the best I had ever seen in a greek restaurant! It’s
tomatoey sauce blended better with the pilafi than chocolate with hazelnuts!

The lamb gleftigo melted in my mouth, and the Souvla was to die for.

The liver and lungs were a first for me (at militizis) and I was surprised to find myself gaping at the marvellous textures of flavours.

The bread was as fresh as could be, still warm from the oven. The home made Greek yoghurt went down a treat with the pilaf.

While we gorging our good, we also had a friendly waiter, who was always in for a joke.

Best quality food for miles and miles. Or kilometres if you’re a Greek Cypriot.

This restaurant earned it.

Five star. *****

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