Cyprus food trip by Stephen Kountourou

Next week we will be departing from rainy England to sunny Cyprus and we will be looking forward to going to our favourite restaurants and we will be posting a review for each restaurant. We’re going to starting at Giraffe’s in terminal one at Heathrow airport.
Here is some of the foods that we will encounter on our epic journey through the sunshine island.

kleftico (Lamb)

Slovakia (pork, lamb, chicken skewered and cooked over charcoal)

Sheftalies (a type of Cypriot sausage)

BBQ goat

Seafood(octopus, squid)

lamb brains (Cypriot delicacy)

loukanika (a type of Cypriot sausage)

bastourma (a type of Cypriot sausage)

here are some of the locations and restaurants that we will be eating at:


Giatros Tis Pinas (doctor of hunger)-Dekelia road

Vlachos-Dekelia road


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