Doctor of Hunger, Dekelia Road, Cyprus. By Stephen Kountourou.

After a whole morning of shopping I felt the craves of hunger upon me and then I knew that the only thing that could cure me was the doctor of hunger. ‘Giatros tis binas’ or ‘doctor of hunger’ is a road side sandwich maker located on the Dekelia road between Lanarka and Oroklini and they make one of the best sandwiches in Cyprus.

We ordered a mixed sandwich and for about 5.50 euros we got one which contained carefully sliced loundza ham with salty hard halloumi cheese, crunchy cucumber, tomatos and succulent pork. All cramed together in a lightly toasted long bap with a dash of mayo. A very satisfying meal and one worth having again.

I went there hungry but after visiting the Doctor of Hunger I was cured.


Five star*****



Militzis, Larnaka, Cyprus by Jamie Kountourou

We started off our food trip in Cyprus with a visit to out favourite restaurant, Militizis (which has never been known to disappoint,) but has it lived up to it’s standards this time? Militzis serves a wide range of Greek Cypriot food, which would match any Indian or Chinese food easily.

This is what we ordered:

Cyprus salad,
Grilled Haloumi,
Lamb gleftigo( slow cooked),
Pork Souvla,
Liver and Lungs,
Cyprus Yoghurt,
Cyprus Bread.

The salad. Easily freshly prepared, with the creamy feta cheese.

The grilled Haloumi was a tad overdone, but that’s just me being too picky. It was salty, and a great starter.

The pilafi was the best I had ever seen in a greek restaurant! It’s
tomatoey sauce blended better with the pilafi than chocolate with hazelnuts!

The lamb gleftigo melted in my mouth, and the Souvla was to die for.

The liver and lungs were a first for me (at militizis) and I was surprised to find myself gaping at the marvellous textures of flavours.

The bread was as fresh as could be, still warm from the oven. The home made Greek yoghurt went down a treat with the pilaf.

While we gorging our good, we also had a friendly waiter, who was always in for a joke.

Best quality food for miles and miles. Or kilometres if you’re a Greek Cypriot.

This restaurant earned it.

Five star. *****

Cyprus food trip by Stephen Kountourou

Next week we will be departing from rainy England to sunny Cyprus and we will be looking forward to going to our favourite restaurants and we will be posting a review for each restaurant. We’re going to starting at Giraffe’s in terminal one at Heathrow airport.
Here is some of the foods that we will encounter on our epic journey through the sunshine island.

kleftico (Lamb)

Slovakia (pork, lamb, chicken skewered and cooked over charcoal)

Sheftalies (a type of Cypriot sausage)

BBQ goat

Seafood(octopus, squid)

lamb brains (Cypriot delicacy)

loukanika (a type of Cypriot sausage)

bastourma (a type of Cypriot sausage)

here are some of the locations and restaurants that we will be eating at:


Giatros Tis Pinas (doctor of hunger)-Dekelia road

Vlachos-Dekelia road


An amazing Burger in a great city!

Chef Ryan Skeen’s buzzed-about burger is a blend of three different kinds of meats—beef cheeks, bavette steak, fatback pork—served on a Martin’s roll with russet potatoes fried in beef fat. The fixings risk upstaging the patty, with aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion, house-made pickles, mayo, mustard and ketchup doing the honors. On Mondays, the $15 burger comes with a free pint of Sixpoint beer. 116 E 16th St between Park Ave South and Irving Pl (212-254-1600). Average burger: $15.